Tips for medical tattooing

Experience and continue training: absolutely essential

Experience is an important ingredient for determining your result. Joëlle has been performing medical tattoos, scalp pigmentation, daily since 1998. Not in combination with beauty concerns, not once a month in a wellness or beauty institute, not as a secondary occupation. No. Every day time after time, again microblading, permanent makeup, medical tattooing, scar cover. She also has international experience. Experience with customers of different nationalities, skin types. A passionate artistic hand. Not one education followed, but a wall full of certificates of master's programmes that she followed.

A matter of trust

Before you entrust yourself to a specialist in permanent make-up, it's worth Googling who she is.
Who am I, Joëlle Senden? The number of years of experience is certainly useful to know. Far more important and decisive are the artistic gifts and qualities! The art of drawing, applying hygiene standards, as well as the correct mixing of a pigment colour, are the keys to a successful result.

Hygiene infrastructure

An expert has a professional infrastructure, quality equipment and reliable pigments. A professional continuously invests in training, proper insurance, sanitary infrastructure, hygiene measures, quality equipment.

A meeting with your expert is therefore important. You can observe the work environment. Is the infrastructure hygienic? Suitable? Neatly? Is the equipment wrapped in plastic? Does she have one or more certificates on the wall? What about the sanitation infrastructure? Did she take the mandatory hygiene course?

The strict, personal, hygiene rules I have been applying since 1998 remain.

The mandatory hygiene course, imposed by the Federal Public Health Service FPS, is for any professional in permanent makeup. This is the guarantee that the professional works hygienically. In addition, these appropriate and strict measures limit further spread of the Corona Covid-19 virus. During and after Corona times, it is extremely important that the professional, as well as you take hygiene measures.

Your gut feeling

You feel yourself whether you want to be treated by the specialist. Does she do her job with heart and soul? Is she listening to your story? Does she understand you?

Nipple tattooing, aerola tattoo, coloring scars

The result of breast pigmentation is more beautiful when you get both breasts tattood. Of course, this is not appropriate for every customer/patient. I overflow both the indications and the contraindications during the consultation. Your personal preference is decisive. I look for uniformity in shape and color. I camouflage the scar around the areola with your nipple (if no contraindications).

You only prefer the tattoo of reconstructed breast! This is also possible. The contra-lateral breast, the unreconstructed breast, then retains its natural nipple color.

Sun and sunbed

Are not the best friends for your medical tattooing.Avoiding is the message, even Months, years after your result.

Attention to breast cancer

Win the battle against breast cancer. Have your breasts examined regularly. Take more information from your specialist doctor.

Full lips tattooing

  • correct an asymmetric mouth
  • correct labial cleft lip
  • camouflage pigment spots
  • full lips after laser
  • slightly enlarge the lips with full lips

It can all be done with full lips medical tattoo/permanent makeup. Here too: less is more! A natural soft lip color always remains beautiful. Your mouth will look a little fuller. Blemishes and pigmentation spots are covered.