Authority and perfectionist

I started professionally in permanent makeup, medical tattooing,  micropigmentation in 1998. I was constantly trained with top specialists in the United States of America. In addition, I received an intensive 4-year course with a recognized plastic aesthetic surgeon.
I got the interest in colour and design from my parents who valued beauty. My Father expressed this in the profession of interior decorator and my Mother has a pronounced gift for aesthetics.


In 2003, I participated in realizing the long-awaited, hygienic and deontological charter for practitioners of permanent makeup. This is in the interests of both the customer and the professionals.
The professionals work according to the rules of art.

The mandatory hygiene course, imposed by FPS Health, drew its inspiration from this code. Congratulations to the designers!

The mandatory hygiene course, imposed by FPS Health, is for any professional in permanent makeup, tattoo. This is the guarantee that the professional works hygienically.

I consider my profession more of an artistic passion

As an expert, expert I am appointed for expertises in permanent makeup, medical tattoo, camouflage of scars, micropigmentation.
In June 2014 I was accepted as a member of KGSO (Belgian Chamber of Experts ordered with Judicial and Arbitration Orders non-profit organisation)

Every day I strive to give women, men re-confidence. You'd like to see yourself back mirror!
This is done by natural looking permanent make-up, which improves facial features.

I use refined techniques with soft colours. Pigments carefully chosen according to your needs, preferences, facial morphology, nationality, age. I choose the best material, pigments, available products. Constantly looking for reputed courses abroad, which I follow dedicatedly. 22 years of experience is certainly important. Further training as well. After all, renewed techniques are necessary.

The relationship with my clients is very important. During the consultation I give them the necessary time to do their story. I give my professional advice, the possibilities in colour and style/shape that suit you.
I focus on a level, service, professionalism that is second to none in the field of permanent cosmetics.

After all these years, I've built up tremendous expertise. My profession is my passion with complete dedication, precision and love for drawing

I am specialized in

  • microblading: a manual  hairstroke  technique in the eyebrows: hairs are drawn, simulated in the eyebrows. Manually without a device.  After I redraw the eyebrows, I pigment hairs in the eyebrows. This gives wonderful natural results. The hairs are thinner than 1 mm. See more
    full lips completely colouring the mouthI use my own efficient and safe technique where I colour the
    lips, with a minimum of skin trauma. I also give this professional technique to my students.
  • camouflage of scars:surgical  scars due to aesthetic surgery such as after lifting,  liftingbreast augmentation reduction
  • accidental scars after trauma such as burns
  • correcting injuries such as burns, labial cleft lip
  • redrawing of nipple and nipple court complex after reconstructive or aesthetic surgery
    "Art of  Designing"I created for drawing out nipple & areola complex after a breast reconstruction. This technique facilitates advance  drawing, but also and above all, this allows a symmetry of the areola complex entirely. This technique was published in USA.
  • Expertise
  • Individual training
    specialists in permanent make-up and medical tattooing, micropigmentation perfect themselves with Joëlle Senden
    Students are passionate about her artistic eye for detail, her expert rich experience, her professionalism, new techniques