Prices - charges permanent make-up microblading

includes: 1 touch-up after each treatment
and vat of 21%
Giftvoucher from 50 €
Eyeliner below 240 €
Eyeliner upper (up to 2 mm) 300 €
Wide eyeliner upper (from 2mm - 3 mm) 370 €
Eyeliner upper and below 440 €
Arabian eyeliner, oeil de biche, bambi eyes ( > 3 mm) 370 €
Intensification eyelashes - lashliner upper or below 200 €
Intensification eyelashes - lashliner upper and below 290 €
Eyeshadow upper eyelid - subtil and light 380 €
Colorcorrection eyes, of eyebrows, or lipliner (from placed permanent make up)* same new rate*
Eyebrows hairstroke haarsimulation 3D - microblading from 550 €
Alopecia eyebrows hairstroke, haarsimulation 3D - microblading from 650 €
Beauty spot, tache de beauté 80 €
Freckles from 150 €
Lipliner from 550 €
Shadow, dégradé (includes redesigning lipliner) from 700 €
Full lips, (includes redesigning lipliner) 'nude style' or colorful from 850 €

Medical tattooing, stretchmark cover - scalp pigmentation, scar camouflage, scar cover


stretchmark cover - stretchmarks camouflage

 from 200 €

Areola and nipple pigmentation/correction after breastreconstruction, lifting

 from 320 € uni lateral -  from 640 € bilateral

Scarc over, coloring scars within areola complex

from 200 € per session/per area
Scar cover, coloring scars from 200 € per session/per area
Camouflage vitiligo, hypopigmentation from 200 € per session/per area
Hair follicle pigmentation, hairsimulation from beard,pubis,moustache from 200 € per session/per area
Scalp alopecia - scalp pigmentation - microhair pigmentation depending on Norwood-scale
Alopecia eyebrows hairstroke, haarsimulation 3D from 650 €
Skincorrection: cleft lip (includes redesigning, lipliner) from 800 €
Burn corrections from burnsurvivals from 600 €
Consultation 20 € (will not be reduced from any treatment)
Allergietest - patchtest 25 €
Colortest cosmetic medical tattooing 75 €
Colortest permanent make up 25 €

Important notice

The term permanent make up is considered as tattooing by Belgian law of 01/01/2006.
The under the skin  introduced cosmetics fades in a greater or lesser extent depending on different people, your lifestyle, of the chosen color pigment.
Because of varying degrees of difficulty of applications associated with lip/skin structure, breast area or texture, wrinkles around nasolabial folds, age, laser treatments, medication, smoking, sun exposure and/or solar bank, glycolic acid creams, I cannot guarantee "perfect" results within two treatments. Therefore, if the above circumstances develop, additional procedures may be necessary with "follow-up session" within 6 months. Customers enjoy a benefit rate. To freshen up you pay 50% of the new annual rate.
Some customers will request a maintenance rather than others. The frequency of maintenance is o.a. depending on your lifestyle, skin structure, change organism, smoking behaviour, exposure to sun and solarium, etc. Consultations are not deducted in a reservation of treatment.
Please do not hesitate to contact me